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Healing Sick Houses encompasses using remote dowsing (i.e. offsite) plus distant spiritual healing to effect a beneficial change in the quality of earth energies at a home or workplace.

Roy and Ann Procter learned from the renowned healer Bruce MacManaway in 1980 how to heal the subtle environment, and have been developing this work ever since until their retirement in 2019.  Having trained with Roy and Ann Procter in both dowsing and their 'Healing Sick Houses' technique 15 years ago, I am delighted and grateful to be able to continue this work, with their blessing and mentorship.

Healing Sick Houses (Healthy Happy Homes), dowsing and spiritual healing should in no way replace or substitute medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.


I am not a medical doctor, therefore I do not practice medicine, diagnose, treat specific illnesses, prescribe nor change medications. If you have any questions about your particular condition, or if you are experiencing any specific medical problems, I recommend you see a doctor.

Information is supplied on this site is for information purposes only. This website does not supply information for diagnosis or medical research. User assumes full liability for any use or misuse of any information taken from this website.

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