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About Me

I first became interested in this line of work more than 23 years ago, when I started to wake up at night feeling wheezy, with difficulty breathing.  A naturopath / acupuncturist introduced me to the concept of earth energy lines and geopathic stress and so, with make-shift dowsing rods made from the outer case of a ballpoint pen and a wire coat hanger I set too on finding any lines in my home.  Sure enough, I detected what I perceived to be an energy line running straight across my bed roughly through where my lungs would be.  When the bed was moved to another part of the room, the problem ceased.  When the bed was moved back, I had breathing difficulties again.  The problem with this approach, though, was the need to move furniture around, perhaps to areas you really didn’t plan them to be! Moving a few years’ later (for a completely unconnected reason) seemed to completely solve the problem. 


With hindsight, I now know there was another way to counter this problem…


Having read Roy and Ann Procter’s book on ‘Healing Sick Houses’ (ISBN 0717129926) I became aware of an alternative approach that didn’t require the need to move furniture around or move, but rather to use spiritual healing to effect a change in the quality of the energy lines to be compatible with the people living or working there.  


Having already embarked on courses to develop as a spiritual healer (including Reiki), in 2003 I started training with Roy and Ann Procter, firstly in learning about dowsing techniques before being accepted onto their Healing Sick Houses Apprenticeship Group.  This culminated in my completing a National Open College Network (Level 3) accreditation through them.  I continued to work with Roy and Ann, becoming a long-term member of their Healing and Development Group. 

Now that Roy and Ann have retired from their Healing Sick Houses work I'm deighted to be able provide dowsing and house healing support to those who request it, supported by Roy and Ann's mentorship.


I am a full Healer member of the Healing Trust (aka National Federation of Spiritual Healers), having worked as a spiritual healer since 2001, also being registered as such with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).  This means that I have completed a comprehensive programme of training, practise and development with The Healing Trust and have been assessed and approved for Full Healer Membership.  I hold insurance for spiritual healing and am bound by the Trust's strict Code of Conduct that sets standards for practising and continuing professional development.


I am a member of the British Society of Dowsers.

In addition to spiritual healing I am qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner (Warrior in the Heart Foundation).  I am also a Registered Nutitional Therapist, holding a B.Sc Hons in Nutritional Medicine, being registered with BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) and CNHC. 

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