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How does it all work?

As I do all of my work remotely based at my home, as a form of distant spiritual healing, I am able to offer help regardless of where you live.

Initially I would use dowsing to ascertain whether there are any energetic-related aspects to the house that requires attention and whether my style of healing would be suitable. I include checking for any detrimental effect of "presences" in any place alongside other factors such as electrical and electromagnetic pollution. 


Following this dowsing, I let you know the findings and, assuming some form of healing is indicated and you would like me to make healing corrections to the energies, I would then request a simple sketch map of the ground floor of the place.   I'd provide more information on the sketch map, should one be required, at that time. 

Don’t worry if art isn’t your strong point!  I just need a representation of your house to work from

Spiritual Healing will be done here at my home in one of my regular dedicated sessions.  I do not need to visit your home or workplace at any stage of the process.  I will check, after a couple of days, that the situation remains positive and report back to you.  Your case will be added to my list to check, on a monthly basis for 12 months, that everything remains positive and to do any additional work if and when it becomes necessary.  After a year, your case will be moved into my archives: should you want an additional check after that time I need you to contact me again with your request.


What to do now?  

If you would like me to look into the dowsing / healing of your place, I would need to know the full postal address plus the names of all those living in the home. I would also need confirmation that all are happy for me to do the necessary dowsing and any associated healing as I need permission from others (adults only not children) within the home other than just yourself.  Also, feel free to include any further information you wish to provide about the nature of the current problem.

If you are interested in exploring further whether this type of work could benefit you and your situation, please email me at


How much does it cost?

I request donations (the amount is entirely up to you) for dowsing and/or healing work rather than a fee, partly because I am doing it from the perspective of Spiritual Healing.


How long does this process take?

I aim to have 'Healing Sick Houses' (HSH) working sessions once or twice a week as I need to schedule these around a full time job.  So once I'm in receipt of an address I expect to be able to undertake the dowsing ‘diagnosis’ and report back within the following 3 to 4 weeks.  Any healing would be undertaken on a similar timescale.






Coming soon!

Healing Sick Houses (Healthy Happy Homes), dowsing and spiritual healing should in no way replace or substitute medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

I am not a medical doctor, therefore I do not practice medicine, diagnose, treat specific illnesses, prescribe nor change medications. If you have any questions about your particular condition, or if you are experiencing any specific medical problems, I recommend you see a doctor.

Information is supplied on this site is for information purposes only. This website does not supply information for diagnosis or medical research. User assumes full liability for any use or misuse of any information taken from this website.

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