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If you are interested in exploring whether this type of work could benefit you and your situation, please contact me at

Due to the need to fit this work around a full time job, I ask that all communication is done via email so that I am able to focus 100% on emails and cases when I'm in a Healing Sick Houses session - I am unable to work via phonecalls.  Please note due to the current Covid19 situation, I'm only able to attend to emails and healing sessions at the weekends at present due to my ‘busier than usual’ NHS work commitments.

What details will I need?

If you would like me to look into the dowsing / healing of your place, I would need to know the full postal address plus the names of all those living in the home. I would also need confirmation that all are happy for me to do the necessary dowsing and any associated healing as I need permission from others (adults only not children) within the home other than just yourself.  Also, feel free to include any further information you wish to provide about the nature of the current problem.

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